July 17, 2001

Ex-Mozilla Guru Jamie Zawinski has revamped the legendary DNA Lounge. Wired News wrote a story about the opening.

I originally met Jamie several years ago when I was writing up a piece for Web Review magazine about Netscape's Mozilla formation and its transition to Open Source: Mozilla: Born Free Again.

I also consulted Jamie on my own article for Wired News about open source and the browser wars from February 13, 1998: Netscape: Bring On the Frankenbrowsers .

Although I am currently based more out of Seattle than California, I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and still very much consider it "home". The DNA Lounge has always been one of the best clubs in town, despite its previously rough decor. Now Jamie has polished it up and added internet connectivity and a host of new ideas about what clubbing's all about in the new millenium. I haven't gone there yet myself, but I'm going to, because I happen to be in town for the next few weeks...