August 30, 2001

This is a great essay: Science Fiction, Copyright, Natural Law, and You, by Science Fiction Writer and OpenCola founder Cory Doctorow, that brings up a lot of issues surrounding copyright that most writers have probably been trying not to think about.

Bottom Line: Digital Rights Management doesn't work, and that means once a digital copy of something exists, it's "out there", and it's going to be replicated. And any encryption protections are ultimately compromised. What does all this really mean and what can really be done about it? Cory attempts to get a discussion going by helping us read the writing on the wall.

New Report from the U.S. Copyright Office on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

I'm still reading it myself (all 200+ pages of it). If you don't have time to read it all...just stay tuned -- I'll be posting an O'Reilly weblog by tomorrow morning on the subject.

This great video transforms a pep talk by Microsoft President Steve Ballmer into a hip dance music pseudo-rap tune.