March 16, 2002

I was on a panel today at SXSW!

Hank Jones asked me to give a little ten minute presentation on Audio Formats and Web site Security..

I saw a great movie yesterday at the SXSW Film Festival:
Daniel Cavey's Dear XXX.

March 14, 2002

AOL is toying with the idea of swapping IE for a Gecko-based model as its default browser.

AOL 7.0 tests Netscape browser,
by Jim Hu for CNET.

I just bought Jeffrey Veen's new book: The Art and Science of Web Design.

Jeff's company Adaptive Path, threw a great party at SXSW this week!

Man, when CSPAN's hot, it's hot!

I tuned in just in time to see the nomination of Judge Charles Pickering to the Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals get rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It was pretty gratifying.
(I guess every now and then, the system works :-)

What a great time I had this week at SXSW! I met a lot of great people (I'll be blogging their sites all week) and learned a ton of stuff about things I always wanted to know about.

More on this later as I attempt to catch up on the last four days of notes!

I'm actually still in Austin hanging around to check out some interesting panels at the Music portion of the conference on Saturday.

Blogger is still being a royal pain in the butt and it's reminding me why I'm on the verge of switching over to Moveable Type. (Hint Hint Evan!)

I just sent my letter to Intel saying "thank you" for standing up to the SSSCA last week.

These letters can be sent Leslie Vadasz c/o .

Here's what I sent:

Dear Mr. Vadasz,

I am a journalist and magazine editor who has been watching the SSSCA proceedings very closely over the past few months. (I also own 3 PCs and 2 laptop PCs, and plan to be buying a lot of new hardware over the next 6 months, for what it's worth).

I wanted to thank you personally for being the only tech company with enough integrity to speak out on behalf of both the average consumer and your technology partners around the world.

Thank you for fighting the entertainment industry's attempts to undermine our fair use rights and harm our economy by hobbling your industry with burdensome, nonsensical regulations that protect their bottom line at the expense of your own.

Please keep up the good work -- don't let Hollywood take away your right to innovate and my right to use my equipment as I see fit.


Lisa Rein
Contributing Editor,,
Freelance Journalist -