May 24, 2002

Audiogalaxy Complaint

Here's a copy of the complaint against Audiogalaxy (PDF file)

Audiogalaxy getting sued...


Audiogalaxy in RIAA crosshairs, by John Borland for CNET.

Payola Exposed?

The truth about Payola is rearing its ugly head yet again.

Is it me, or does it seem like this happens every couple of years?

Geez fellas, the whole music industry is being put under a microscope right now, but in the end it will probably be just another false alarm. This is no time to start squealing on your friends (or ex-friends).

See the L.A. Times article by Chuck Philips:
Congress Members Urge Investigation of Radio Payola.

May 23, 2002

David Reed and friends group blog

I just found, a blog David Reed describes as: "...a place where I, Bob Frankston, and Dan Bricklin have decided to put a joint weblog and pointers to a collection of current essays.  Think of it as a stream of consciousness site - and an experiment in exploiting the group forming properties of the Blogging world." (Thanks, Josh)

May 22, 2002

Boss Martians 7" Available

The Boss Martians have a 7" out too...

Me Yappin' About Creative Commons

Let me preface this yap by stating that this is when I yap on this blog about Creative Commons it is me yapping as an artist and a technologist "at-large" and not necessarily in my official capacity as Technical Architect for Creative Commons. (Though most likely if I were to get official about it, the information I am conveying would not change. It might, however, be a lot more official-sounding.)

That said, my answer to a Slashdot reader seemed like it might be of interest to interested parties :-)

...the point I made was that if a commercial entity wished to use a work (in this case I was talking about one of my own songs) for say, a movie soundtrack, after I had released it under an "Attribution" (required) "Non-commercial" Custom License, that commercial entity would still have to contact me directly for such use (to presumably pay me money for such use, as such use would constitute infringement of its terms of use otherwise).

So I never said that our licenses would be used for commercial deals -- but I still apologize for my not being clearer with my example as it has apparently caused some confusion for my audience.

And I do see these licenses as having great potential to promote artists in commercial ways, yes. Artists that have a bevy of songs might want to release one or two under one of our licenses to get tunes out into the artistic community before a concert tour, for instance, or to sell t-shirts or the other kinds of "commercial" shwag, after the music itself has been "given" away.

I would also just like to clarify that we are absolutely *not* trying to water down the notion of what constitutes "public domain", and that's why the two "forks" of the conceptual prototype I demonstrated at E-tech (for our contributor licensing application) are very clearly split off in the beginning: you are creating a Public Domain Dedication *or* a Creative Commons Custom License that allows you to impose terms more restrictive than the Public Domain but less restrictive of copyright.

So the idea is to provide licenses that enable artists to either donate to the public domain outright (currently there is NO easy way for them to do so -- you literally have to pay money to figure out how to give you work away...) OR to donate their works in the "spirit" of the public domain (using a CC custom license) without giving the rights away to that movie studio who wants to use the song on a soundtrack. (which would be the case with a public domain track).

That said, I still think the public domain option could have commercially-powerful uses.

For instance, a movie studio may decide to use independent, popular, public domain works on a soundtrack that is *sold* -- what a way for the studio to save money, sure, but also what a way for a no name (like me) to even have a chance of being considered for such a soundtrack.

It goes both ways. My advice to everyone is this: If you are AT ALL WORRIED about the implications of putting your work into the public domain: don't do it -- use one of our Custom Licenses instead.

Wait until you've had a chance to understand fully both the legal implications and potential benefits of putting your work into the public domain, and can do so with complete confidence.

The point is to give artists a choice to contribute to (and reap the benefits of) a world-wide connected artistic community, if they're into it.


Lisa Rein
Technical Architect
Creative Commons

Check out the Boss Martians U.S. Tour

Evan Foster of The Boss Martians plays guitar and bass on a bunch of my Vagrant Records sessions (including Shake All Over).

Evan and the rest of the Boss Martians are currently on a U.S. Tour. Check them out if you're over on the East Cost this month and early June:

* MAY 23 (THUR) - Toledo, OH @ The Bottle Rocket w / Chopzilla
* MAY 24 (FRI) - Philadelphia, PA @ w/ TOILET BOYS @ The North Star Bar
* MAY 25 (SAT) - Providence, RI @ Jakes Bar & Grille
* MAY 27 (MON) - NY, NY @ Mercury Lounge w / The Irreversible Slacks / Candid Daydream
* MAY 28 (TUE) - Cambridge, MA @ Middle East (Upstairs) w/ Bottom / Men of Porn / Binge
* MAY 29 (WED) - Washington DC @ The Black Cat w / Ruff Bucket (ex-members of Black Market Baby)
* MAY 30 (THUR) - Charlotte, NC @ Fat City Deli w / The Cherry Valence
* MAY 31 (FRI) - Atlanta, GA @ Echo Lounge w / Quintron & The Subsonics
* JUNE 1 (SAT) - New Orleans, LA @ El Matador
* JUNE 3 (MON) - Houston, TX @ Rudyards British Pub
* JUNE 4 (TUE) - San Antonio, TX @ Tacoland w / Where the Action Is
* JUNE 5 (WED) - Austin, TX @ EMO'S w / The Sir Finks
* JUNE 6 (THUR) - Dallas, TX @ The Trees w / Bob Schneider
* JUNE 7 (FRI) - Oklahoma City, OK @ The Green Door

See My Acting Debut June 7th!

I have a small part in Monsturd, a horror-satire about a giant evil toxic turd that wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting town!

I'm the wife of the first hapless victim!

I also sing the theme song: Number Two! (I'll be posting an MP3 of it here any day now...)

I'll be at the Monsturd Premiere June 7th at 8pm at the Victoria Theatre, 16th and Mission, San Francisco.

MONSTURD opens Friday, June 7 at the Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th Street, San Francisco (at Mission across from the 16th street BART station). Show times are: Friday, June 7 at 8 p.m., Saturday, June 8 at 8 and 10 p.m., and Sunday, June 9 at 3 p.m. Tickets are $6.

Craig's List Party Will Rock Tonight

See you all there at the Craig's List Afterdark Party going on tonight at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

May 21, 2002

CARP Rejected By Librarian of Congress

The Librarian of Congress and Register of Copyrights aren't buying into the CARP Panel determinations. Check out my O'Reilly Weblog on the subject.

A little bit country...

Joey De Villa loans me his hat long enough to take a picture.

Adding Eldred Logos to All of My Sites...

I picked this one: Create Like it's 1790.

And this one: FREE THE MOUSE

May 20, 2002

Eldred v. Ashcroft Website Launched

Matthew Haughey worked with Lawrence Lessig on the design of the neat new website for the Eldred v. Ashcroft case that was just launched today.

Go Team!

Plan Top Down, Work Bottom Up

I think those words ring loudest in my head from last week's E-Tech conference -- probably because they were said by half of the speakers there.

Let's hope I can remember them as I build the Creative Commons' infrastructure :-)